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Downtown is the heart of a city. Each Downtown is different and beats to its own unique rhythm. We were hired to find the pulse of Downtown Fayetteville and we created an entire vibe.


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Creating the Vibe

After spending countless hours meeting the people, business owners and visitors of Fayetteville we knew that it had its own Vibe. 

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outdoor media

A story in Storytelling

CSDD enlisted our help to craft a press release that would draw attention to the monolith installed downtown. The whole idea was ridiculous since our monolith was only four feet tall but we harnessed the hilarity and crafted a story full of wit and humor. The story was picked up by international/national news agencies, including International Business Times, The New York Times, The New York Post, and USA Today, plus 20+ other publications. The combined total potential reach on social media was 87 million followers.

The annual report

Every year the Cool Spring Downtown District publishes a state of the district report that outlines the growth, downtown events and future plans of Downtown Fayetteville. This year they enlisted The MOX Collective to create a magazine insert that did just that. Impressive statistics, original photography and a beautiful layout worked together to present a snapshot of progress. 

Client Testimonial

The Cool Spring Downtown District is a relatively new nonprofit organization charged with creating and sustaining an Arts and Entertainment District in Fayetteville’s urban core. An essential component of our strategy evolves around rebranding the district (and city) as an attractive investment and artistic destination. About a year ago, we engaged The MOX Collective to launch an entirely new, cohesive brand position we could use across social, print, radio, TV, placemaking, and outdoor advertising platforms. The “Vibe” campaign The MOX developed has helped our staff use a cohesive, creative, fun brand strategy, and we could not be more excited to have it in our toolbox. As a matter of fact, we just extended our contract with them. Simply put, The MOX Collective’s work has engaged local artists, showcased the diversity and spirit of Fayetteville in an entirely new and exciting way, and increased entrepreneurship and new businesses downtown.

Bianca Shoneman
President and CEO
Cool Spring Downtown District, Inc
222 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
O: 910.223.1089

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