Child Advocacy Center

Case Study 
Be Their Voice

The MOX Collective and the Child Advocacy Center aimed to raise awareness about the importance of advocating for victims of human trafficking and children who are victims of abuse and neglect. The goal of the campaign was to inspire the community to become a voice for these children and victims and to support the center’s efforts to provide them with the necessary resources and services.


Melissa Nelson
Jenny Bell


Web Design

A life saving campaign

The Child Advocacy Center and the MOX Collective have joined forces to launch a powerful marketing campaign called “Be Their Voice.” This initiative aims to bring attention to critical issues affecting children and raise awareness about them during specific months.

The Child Advocacy Center and the MOX Collective aim to empower individuals to take action and help protect children in their communities.

Jan – Human Trafficking Awareness Month

In January, the focus is on human trafficking and the message is “Stop Human Trafficking! Speak Up!” 

June – Internet Safety Awareness Month

June is dedicated to Internet Safety and the message is “Don’t Be Quick to Click!”

April – Child Abuse Prevention Month 

In April, the theme is “Help Them Soar” in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

November – 19 Days of Child Abuse Prevention

November is “Harvest Awareness: Grow Greatness” and focuses on 19 Days of Child Abuse Prevention.